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8/31/23 Stamping on Metal: Mandala Earrings

8/31/23 Stamping on Metal: Mandala Earrings

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This class takes place Thursday evening 6-9pm in beautiful Pacifica, California. Come take a fun class and feel creative!


In this class we will learn how to stamp on metal. We will make a pair of stamped metal earrings like the ones shown here. It is the perfect project for beginners and beyond. Author and designer, Taryn McCabe will show you the ins and outs of making your own stamped mandala earrings. 

We begin with a variety of design stamps and use them to create one-of-a-kind mandalas. We will then learn basic jewelry techniques to transform our stamped creations into a finished jewelry piece.

This class will cover how to stamp metal, darkening and polishing your metal, cutting metal, filing and sanding, creating holes in metal, and how to make your own ear wires. 

We will work with aluminum, brass, and copper for stamping and use sterling silver and 14K gold filled wire for making custom ear wires. 

The cost of this class covers all instruction, the use of all tools in class and the materials for one finished jewelry project. If you are a prolific maker and wish to make more than one piece jewelry, additional costs will apply. 

After purchasing this class you will receive an email with full details such as the address, where the class will be hosted, and how to complete your registration. 

Here is a link to Taryn McCabe's Book

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